A Long-Overdue Update

Wow, it's been a long time eh? Thought it would be pertinent to get back in to the web game. It wouldn't seem like it, given the lack of media lately, but we've been hard at work on our new record.

This past weekend we went back into Escarpment Studio to do some last minute tweaks. This included re-doing a lot of the violin tracks with a new mic-setup and the results are extremely pleasing. The live room at Escarpment has a beautiful natural sound, and we used some interestingly placed room mics to really capture that feeling. Here's a quick vid that Pritch took while Jay and I were warming up.

We're working on scheduling our mixing and mastering dates as we speak, and we'll keep you updated as that goes forward. We're so excited for this record to finally be out there!


{.if title} A Long-Overdue Update {.end}

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