Adventures in Film / WN Remixes

     This past weekend, a few of us got the opportunity to flex our acting muscles. We went, along with our fearless manager Aven Hoffarth, to Toronto in order to film some promotional videos. We don't have much experience in front of the camera, but despite our novice pedigree the shoot went swimmingly.
     Things we learned: acting is way harder than people think. We were constantly drenched in sweat, which resulted in us needing frequent "de-shining" appointments (i.e. rubbing our faces with paper-towels). Also, acting is probably one of the most fun things you could do. We may release some blooper footage at some point that shows just how hard we were laughing at all times.
     We had a number of people help us out in a big way. First and foremost, Joe Swallow helped us organize the shoot, let us take over his apartment for the weekend, and was just generally a badass dude. We also had vital contributions from Eddie Majnemer, Matt Palermo, and Sandy James, in the form of camera operators, audio recorders, and all around fantastic-ness. Plus we had the world's greatest boom-mic operator - LRH alumni Mr. Mike Duboff! 
     The videos will be posted over the course of the summer, hopefully soon! Stay tuned!

     If you're into electronic or industrial music, you might want to check out Kyle's solo project Wolverton Nash. He just released a 4-song EP titled "Through This EP." It features songs from his first album "Boy," remixed in an electronic style. It sounds very cool, and is a unique take on some already great tunes. Plus, at only $5, it's a steal!


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