Mastering 'From Seedlings To Saplings...'

On Friday February 13 we mastered our newborn album ‘From Seedlings To Saplings…’ at João Carvalho Mastering Studios. It was a perfectly surreal experience. We have so much respect for João and his incredible body of work that we were a little nervous before heading into his studio. That’s a lie, we were very nervous. Of course, after we met him, that nervousness subsided when we found that he is as kind as he is talented behind the board.  And he gives great hugs.  He really pulls you in, none of that half assed, uncommitted stuff.

When we got down to business, we started to really hear what the record was going to sound like. It was an odd feeling knowing that when we left the studio, it was finally done, that sonically, there would be nothing left to decide.  We’ve spent years pouring ourselves into this music. It makes it hard to just let go of those years, to release them into the atmosphere, to completely open up and lay ourselves naked in front of whoever will listen. However, thanks to Joao’s final touch, I think that when we left that night, we were finally ready to let it leave our fingertips.

So it won’t be long now. You’ll be able to hear it and hopefully you’ll be able to hear us grow from seedlings to saplings…

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