Featured on MusicInform, and New Shows to Announce

MusicInform is a new website focused on bringing attention to lesser-known bands that are positively contributing to their musical communities. MI covers all kinds of genres and locations. Today we discovered they just featured us on the MusicInform front page, right here! (Or if you're reading this in the distant future, the permalink is here)

There are a lot of great bands featured there, so take a peek through the listings. I've already found a few new favourites!

In other news, we have a string of shows lined up in the early summer:
May 9 - Ottawa @ Avante-Garde
May 23 - London @ The London Music Club
May 29 - Toronto @ Cameron House
June 27 - Tweed @ The Tweedsmuir

We'll keep you updated as we fill out the rest of the summer!


{.if title} Featured on MusicInform, and New Shows to Announce {.end}

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