Paddle Away Tour Starts April 29

Mmmm it's finally Spring!

How are you?  Did you survive the winter? If you're reading this, you probably made it, so congratulations. To celebrate the return of the sun, we are hitting the roads, rivers, and lakes to bring you some music. As you may already know, we'll be touring out to Winnipeg (FINALLY!) and we'll be hitting North Bay and Thunder Bay on the way.  Winnipeg, your prodigal son and guitar phenom Joshua Weiss will finally be back home! And the rest of us can't wait to finally get to know you in person, so tell your friends/family/enemies/pets we're coming to town!

Here is a complete list of our Paddle Away Spring Tour dates:

April 29th - Toronto - RSVP on Facebook
April 30th - Waterloo - RSVP on Facebook
May 6th - Tweed - RSVP on Facebook
May 12th - North Bay - RSVP on Facebook
May 13th - Thunder Bay - RSVP on Facebook
May 14th - Winnipeg - RSVP on Facebook 
June 11th - Toronto - RSVP on Facebook
June 18th - Waterloo - RSVP on Facebook

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