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The Storm

Hello there, it's been a while, how have you been? The last time we spoke candidly, it was two days after our album release party. Paul was feeling a bit cathartic while considering what we had just accomplished and revelling in the small pause before the storm of shows, promotion and various band activity that was upon us. 

Well. That storm has come.

As I am writing this, the storm has begun to taper slightly, which I guess is why I have some time to tell you about it. But wow. It's been about two and a half months since From Seedlings to Saplings... was released and we have been more busy than ever before.  We've been playing bars, clubs, festivals, house parties, we even played a wedding... you name it, we play it. 

It's been a relief and a thrill to finally spread this album around and properly rock the tunes out with an audience. We've had a chance to play all over Ontario, too. We played throughout Kingston, Ottawa, London, Toronto, Waterloo, Cambridge and Tweed (my hometown) with some incredible bands including: The Klemy Kovs, The Fusilli Jerries, Old Stereo, The Fathers of Modern Rocketry, Mountain of Wolves, Alyson McNamara, The Lifers, Ivory Hours, Marcellus Wallace, Kyle Boyne, Shushlang!, Randy Shenanigans and Riishi Von Rex. I have to send a huge thank you out to all of those bands, we had a blast sharing the stage with them. 

There are so many moments that stick out from this album release tour from packing the Cameron House in Toronto to playing a very heartfelt song with our good friends Travis and Kara at their wedding. Paul and I had our parents on stage to play Wagon Wheel and The Weight when we played at The Tweedsmuir, which felt very appropriate for a hometown show. And throughout the tour there were crowds of people singing our songs back to us and dancing along, making us blush. It has been a crazy two and a half months for us.

As I said though, the storm has only tapered slightly, we still have much to accomplish. We are currently booking dates in the Fall and in two weeks we will be shooting a music video for Paddle Away! Also we are back to writing some new material which has been sweet. We've been so focussed on From Seedlings to Saplings... that writing new stuff feels amazing. Like you just ripped all of your sweaty clothes off from a long day of work and jumped ass-naked into a lake: it's completely refreshing and everyone in the area can see your genitals. heh heh, I got jokes...

Disregard that last part about the genitals and let's end this mammoth blog post. Please keep a look out for our Paddle Away music video and our Fall shows, we'll be announcing a few of them soon. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful summer. Go for a bike ride, jump in a lake, go camping, read a book, eat marshmallows, kiss a girl, kiss a boy, fall in love if only for a few months. Why not? Get crazy with it friends and we'll see you soon.  Love love!


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