New Music Coming March 4th!

            On February 12th 2015, the members of Long Range Hustle, along with producer Ryan Pritchard, met at Josh’s Toronto apartment. It was the night before “From Seedlings to Saplings…” was set to be mastered, and there was a crucial decision yet to be made: which songs would make the final cut?

            When we finished tracking at Escarpment, we walked out the door with 16 songs, and a sense of pride in each of them. While we would have loved to share them all, the resulting album would have run 75+ minutes long (a.k.a. way too long). And so, the night before mastering, there were hard decisions to be made. We debated, argued, and opined well into the night. And what emerged was a sequence of 13 songs that became the album you know and (hopefully) love.

           But what happened to the three black sheep? The incorrigible misfits? The last-but-not-least-ers? They have a slightly different tone – a touch rockier, a splash funkier. They’ve been waiting patiently for their time to shine.

            We are pleased as plums to announce that on March 4th, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of “From Seedlings to Saplings…”, we are releasing the three remaining songs – Thunder, Hipster Love, and Riot Gear – from our Escarpment sessions. They will be published online in two formats: a 3-song EP, and a 16-song deluxe edition of FSTS – available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, AppleMusic. If you’d like a physical copy of the EP, there will be a limited quantity of CDs available at our upcoming concerts.

            Speaking of which… To support the new release, we’ll be playing a string of shows in late winter and early spring. Here’s the list so far, but keep your eyes peeled as we add more:

March 5th – Kingston, ON @ The Mansion
March 11th – Oshawa, ON @ The Moustache Club
March 18th – Ottawa, ON @ Rainbow Bistro
April 30th – Waterloo, ON @ Chainsaw

We’re looking forward to seeing you all, and sharing these new songs!




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