New Music Friday: EP is Out Today!

'From Seedlings To Saplings...Continued' Now Available

Oh hello there old friend, how've you been? Has 2016 been all you hoped it would be so far? Hopefully you're happy and healthy, we are feeling particularly chipper these days. Things are starting to heat up for LRH in 2016. First and foremost, we have new music for you!! 

Our new EP of B-Sides called 'From Seedlings to Saplings... Continued' comes out today and our friends over at Confront Magazine are previewing for your listening convenience, check it out here.

You can also download the EP and full Deluxe album on Bandcamp. Check out the Listen page for more details.         


P.S. We made a short throwback video showing the aftermath of recording "Riot Gear": Watch it on Facebook.

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